IMX135 on TX1

I am trying to use imx135_v4l2 driver on TX1 R23.2, then I will modify it to use for my own sensor. I enabled CONFIG_SOC_CAMERA_IMX135, disabled CONFIG_SOC_CAMERA_PLATFORM in the kernel and reflashed the board. When I load imx135_v4l2 and tegra_camera, /dev/video0 was not created. As I know /dev/video0 will be created, even without connecting the sensor. Do I make or know something wrong?

Thank you.

Did you notice any error when you insmod the sensor driver? And can you add some prints in probing to check if it’s returned successfully?

Hi nVConan,

When I try to use insmod it prompts me that there is not such a module, however using modprobe command I can add the modules. I will try to put prints in probe function, however can you mention about the mechanism when I load the tegra_camera should it call the probe function in imx135_v4l2?

Thank you.

Yes, tegra_camera will iterate all the v4l2 driver in the list.

So when and in which circumstances will the /dev/video0 be created?

Also I tried putting printk in imx135 probe function but I could not see anthing when I typed dmesg.

You can start from the func soc_camera_host_register()@ $KERNEL/drivers/media/platform/soc_camera/soc_camera.c.

Thank you but I did not understand what are you trying to say? And can you please say when and in which circumstances will the /dev/video0 be created?

The device node will be created in the function I mentioned.

I would recommend you to use media controller instead of soc camera, RidgeRun can help you porting or creating the driver. Also which insmod/modprobe command are you using? Please recall that insmod needs the full path of the module as parameter not only the name as modprobe. Are you running similar commands to this?