Enabling v4l2 driver in R23.2by building Kernel from source code ?

I have a TX1 board running L4T23.2 kernel,and i want to enable ov5693 v4l2 driver in L4T 23.2.
So i do as follow:
(1) I download source code(23.2),
(2) apply patch(0001-ARM64-adding-OV5693-V4L2-on-E3326-jetson_cv.patch) on top of release,
(3) Enable OV5693 kernel driver and disable soc_camera_platform.

(4) build the kernel as tell in the doucument of Tegra_Linux_Driver_Package_Documents_R23.2

finally,i can get the ov5693_v4l2.ko ov5693 tegra_camera.ko and videobuf2_dam-contig.ko.
next,i remove the files(nvhost-vi.ko ov5693 tegra_camera.ko videobuf2_dam-contig.ko and soc_camera_platform.ko) from the tx1 board linux os,and add tegra_camera.ko and videobuf2_dam-contig.ko to the tx1 board.then i reboot the tx1 board,–sudo insmod ov5693_v4l2.ko,sudo modprobe tegra_camera,but when i ls /dev there is not the video0 device.

ubuntu@tegra-ubuntu:~$ lsmod
Module Size Used by
tegra_camera 25164 0
videobuf2_dma_contig 10244 1 tegra_camera
ov5693_v4l2 25987 0
bcmdhd 7445827 0
rfcomm 65526 0
cfg80211 451262 1 bcmdhd
bnep 14792 2
bluedroid_pm 11252 0

this mean tegra_camera is not depends ov5693_v4l2.

I hope someone can tell me what can i do to enable v4l2 driver(ov5693 sensor) in R23.2 by building kernel from source code.
Thanks in advance.

wei liu.

Hi leowei,

You may try to find the suggestion from below link: