Existing camera ov5693 driver(SDK 28.2 on Tx1) porting on TX2 SDK 32.4.3

initially i was using SDK 24.2.1 with TX1 and using camera sensor ov5693,this sensor driver was present already but now i want to port these camera sensor on SDK 32.4.3 with TX2 but now i am seeing that V4L2 core driver has changed now in latest SDK.
I can see in camera development framework mention in nvidia site it is still same framework as mentioned in previous ov5693 sensor driver.

how to proceed further on this because in new SDK 32.4.3 i can see that lots of file has changed V4L2 core driver changed,can i get reference camera sensor driver for this version which support whatever is mentioned below.


can we get help on this also want to know ov5693/imx185 all sensor driver were given in SDK 24.2.1 and 28.2 but when i see SDK 32.4.3,it is not present also same driver is not coming on latest SDK,what to take care for this.

These two driver should be in the release kernel source code.
Did you download the public_source from download center?

The driver path is …/kernel/nvidia/drivers/media/i2c/


yes i got the driver,i was referring kernel-4.9 folder instead of nvidia/driver folder .
I have to write sensor driver for OV2735 for TX2,can i take OV5693 driver as a base code and modify it.

Yes, please take ov5693 as template.