How to build a Rendering Cloud system by NVIDIA GRID?

Hi everyone,
I want to build a system that the whole Rendering works run on the server and the apps run on Iphone can get the rendered graphic streaming data from the server.
The Rendering Cloud System I want to build runs just like these steps,
At first, I send my models Created by 3DMAX to the server,then the server starts rendering and sends the graphic streaming data back to my app to show.
The models I sent to the server will be saved,anytime I login the system I can let the server render what I want and get the streaming graphic data to show.
What’s more,there will be many users to login this Rendering Cloud System and get the graphic streaming data in real time,the user can also control the rendering models,just like rotate,transform and scale.
But now I do not have any idea to do it.What should I do firtst?
To build the Rendering Cloud system,which OS should I use?