How to call this function "ov5693_set_exposure" from user_space?

I made changes in ov5693 camera sensor driver and I need to test the gain and exposure by calling this function “ov5693_set_exposure”

Is there anyway to call this function from userspace ?

static struct tegracam_ctrl_ops ov5693_ctrl_ops = {
.numctrls = ARRAY_SIZE(ctrl_cid_list),
.ctrl_cid_list = ctrl_cid_list,
.string_ctrl_size = {OV5693_EEPROM_STR_SIZE,
.set_gain = ov5693_set_gain,
.set_exposure = ov5693_set_exposure,
.set_exposure_short = ov5693_set_exposure_short,
.set_frame_rate = ov5693_set_frame_rate,
.set_group_hold = ov5693_set_group_hold,
.fill_string_ctrl = ov5693_fill_string_ctrl,

Have a reference to the v4l2-ctl source code to know it.

Have a reference to below topic.