how to capture NVMMLITE_TVMR: EOS detected message to let rtsp reconnect the video source?

hi all,

i am new guy to touch TK1 and gstreamer, the following pipeline works fine expect for the rtsp could be disconnected after running a while.

rtspsrc - rtph264depay - h264parse - - omxh264dec - nvvidconv - queue - appsink - myapp

this problem happens every time the following message appear:

TVMR: NvMMLiteTVMRDecDoWork: 4017: NVMMLITE_TVMR: EOS detected
TVMR: TVMRBufferProcessing: 3454: Processing of EOS Done

i want to know where the message comes from? how can i capture this message? i cannot find it in rtspsrc plugin.

my idea is to capture the message and then let rtsp reconnect the vidoe source, to keep the pipeline work continuely.

thanks in advance


This message is output from user space video codec driver, general customer won’t get the source code due to nvidia only release kernel source code. From this message you can check why the server side send the End Of Stream to client.