How to change APPSIZE in .xml file


We wanted to assign different size to each rootfs partition i.e to mmcblk0p1 and mmcblk0p2 . We saw APPSIZE parameter in .xml file , but didn’t saw where it is getting assigned .

Could you please help to figure out where values getting updated. @WayneWWW


There should be a EMMC size configuration parameter in the board config. Please check.

Hi ,

Thanks for replay , We checked out config file in that we able to assign ROOTFS size . With that each partition taking same size. i.e if ROOTFS=14Gib , mmcblk0p1 and mmcblk0p2 taking 14Gib each .

We want assign different size to each partition.
For an example , We want assign mmcblk0p1=40GIB and mmcblk0p2= 18Gib

How can we assign different size to each partition? @WayneWWW

There is no method to do that, because by default we assume 0p1 and 0p2 are for rootfs A/B redundancy.

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