How to check installed python or C++ libraries are support for new Jetpack Update

I would like to know how to check all my installed python or C++ libraries are support for the new Jetpack Update?

I have installed more than 100+ libraries in my device. So format the memory and reinstall all libraries is not practical.

What is the best method to check it?

I have installed Jetson Inference. But not it is not working.

Link -

I have installed TensorRT Demo. It is also not working now.

Link -

How to solve the above errors and how to find other not working python or C++ libraries?

I just a basic user in jetson and Linux but I think at least you must rebuild everything you have compiled from source and related with, TensorRT, CUDA and by extension OpenCV if you hav a different version, and by extension ROS OpenCV related packages, and all related wih Deepstream 5dp as it doesn’t work on JP4.4.

I think the modified things with video drivers as Vulcan and python, maybe would be good check things related

A command to discover and test that would be great