How to close DLA to reduce power?

i want to reduce power for my nvidia NX. i just use the gpu , cpu , so i want to close some HW in NX ,such as DLA.
and there is other HW can be closed ?

We are not able to totally turn the engines off completely. May be able to run in minimum frequency 115.2MHz as mode 7 in Xavier power tables:

There is no way to forcefully turn off DLA, but it is auto power-gated when not being used, so don’t run any application that uses DLA. Please note that same rule is applicable for any engine such as nvenc, nvdec, nvjpg…etc. You can check power-gate status using following command:

cat /sys/kernel/debug/powergate

powergate powered
aud no
disp yes
dispb yes
dispc yes
ispa no
nvdeca no
nvjpg no
nvenca no
nvencb no
nvdecb no
sax no
ve no
vic no
xusba yes
xusbb yes
xusbc yes
pciex8a no
pciex4a yes
pciex1a no
nvl no
pciex8b no
pvaa no
pvab no
dlaa no
dlab no
cv no
gpu yes