Lowering Xavier NX Power Consumption


I’m trying to reduce the power consumption of the Xavier NX while it is in an idle state, and while recording footage from a MIPI connected camera.

I already modified the file /etc/nvpmodel.conf, so the CPU/Memory runs at lower frequencies, and I also turned off 5/6 CPU cores.

I also enabled the CPU governor called “powersave”. Furthemore I disabled the Desktop environment and Bluetooth.

At idle the Xavier NX consumes 3W, and 5W while recording. This is great but I’m wondering if I can lower it more.

How can I fully turn off the GPU?

Are there any other ways to lower power consumption?

Furthermore, if I attach an NVMe SSD, the power consumption goes up to 7W+. Is there a way to put the SSD in sleep mode when not using it? Or other ways to lower its power consumption in L4T?


could you please have a try to execute below?
for example, # echo 1 > /sys/devices/gpu.0/force_idle

Thank you for the help, but the wattage doesn’t drop much.

With SD card it is using 5W while recording, if I could lower that to 4.5 (or even 4W) that would be ideal. Are there any other powersaving measures I could take?

hello alexisguiter,

it already looks good, may I know what’s your expectation,

@JerryChang I am just trying to maximize battery life, as my device will run using li-ion batteries. So if I can keep a simple camera application running at 60FPS and recording to file, while getting less that 5W power consumption, that would be ideal.

@JerryChang Just to be certain, is there anything else I could do with the Xavier NX dev kit to lower power consumption, or is 5W while recording the minimum I can expect in terms of power consumption?

hello alexisguiter,

you could said it’s the minimum.

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