Controlled shutdown and power usage

Hi there,
I am currently developing a small and compact integrated supercap UPS for the Jetson Xavier NX(and comming Orin Nx). Although the maximum power input can go up to 20 W(Xavier NX) and 25W (Orin NX) plus a NVME (around 5W) during the shutdown process this will not be the actual comsumed power.
Is there away to force shutdown the usage from GPU and force enable power save mode. I am asking this from the hardware design point of view.
The current IC for Supercap charging that I chose can provide up to 12,5W when operating in “supercap mode” and up to 32,5W when connected to the power.
Of course if the Jetson is drawing 20 W and the NVME 5W the supercap circuit is not be able to provide for the demand and shutdown.
I pretty much just want to generate an interrupt in the system and in a controlled manner force it to shutdown over software without much power usage. All the “work” that needs to be save to internal memory or NVME or SD card can be done before shutdown and within 10 to 20 secs.

UPS Interrupt GPIO → Jetson
1.Disable GPU usage
2.Enter power save mode.
3. Request/force software shutdown (shouldnt take longer than max 20 sec)



This is not ever tested before. Please try to disable nvgpu driver and see if this could achieve what you want (disable gpu usage).

@WayneWWW Thanks for your fast reply! How do I exactly perform that ?
I was not able to find it here