How to inform OS on Jetson AGX Xavier about power loss for controlled shutdown

Hi all,

we are implementing a power hold-up circuit on a custom carrier board.
The plan is on a sudden power loss to drop all carrier supplies, but switch over to a SuperCapacitor-module by a PowerPath controller for the AGX Xavier.
This will supply a buck-boost controller and a buck controller for maintaining HV and MV voltage respectively, increasing the time before final power fail to about 3 to 10 seconds.

Therefore, the Jetson AGX Xavier will be provided with power for a longer duration, as the rest of the design.

Now, to make the controlled shutdown happening, how does the OS know of the sudden power loss? Aka, which signal can be used to signal this event to the AGX Xavier and the OS?
In particular, can I use one of the already available power management pins (VIN_PWR_BAD_N, MODULE_POWER_ON) or do I need to implement this by GPIO on my own?

If I do need implementing this by GPIO, then this GPIO must be able to trigger an interrupt to the OS/Kernel, such as if a regular shutdown was requested.
Has someone done something similar?

Or, is this overkill, as this type of action is done regardless if MODULE_POWER_ON is de-asserted or VIN_PWR_BAD_N is asserted? (Like syncing / closing open files etc.)

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hello frank.schneider,

could you please access Jetson AGX Xavier OEM Product Design Guide ,
you may also check [Chapter 5. Power] for reference. it’s [5.5 Power Discharge] to have more details when a sudden power loss has occurred.