High (1W) deep sleep Jetson Xavier NX power usage

I have a Jetson Xavier NX eMMC dev kit with 120GB of NVMe M.2 memory attached.

I am using the BSP and sample filesystem downloaded at Jetson Linux R32.7.1 Release Page | NVIDIA Developer

I have it booting from the NVMe memory, and have been following these instructions. Specifically the section To set up an NVMe drive manually for booting

When I put it in a deep sleep as per these instructions and connect a multimeter in series I measure 94mA current draw (1W with 12V supply).

This is well in excess of the 200mA rating. I have a mouse, keyboard, HMDI monitor and ethernet connected.

Any ideas why?

Hi, the Xavier NX CVM Power consumption is ~200mW. It is about 1W~1.5W with CVM+CVB.

@Trumany does this mean that for the device mentioned above (Jetson Xavier NX eMMC dev kit with 120GB of NVMe M.2 memory), it would not be possible to place the device into the 200mW sleep state?
Unfortunately 1W of power usage during sleep is not acceptable for our use case. In the past we have used the SD card version of the NX dev kit and successfully used the 200mW sleep state.

We need >100Gb of free space for our application to save videos to, so the16Gb eMMC is not big enough on it’s own. Is there any configuration here with the NX eMMC module and an NVMe M.2 card where we can make use of the NVMe storage while also being able to place the device into a 200mW sleep?
We are also considering running our application storage on a USB drive if we can’t fix this 1W power usage with the NVMe M.2 card.

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