How to configure MIPI CPHY at 3500 Msps


I would like to know how to configure higher MCLK in ORIN`s device tree in a way that I can interface at MIPI source higher than 1500 Msps per lane in CPHY. With the following setup, I can capture video with argus/gstreamer at 1500Msps without any issue.

   i2c@31e0000 {
        // define camera 0
        mycam_cam0: mycam_a@1a { // increments for each camera
            status = "okay";
            compatible = "mycam0";

            // I2C device address
            reg = <0x1a>; // increments for each camera
            // V4L2 device node location
            devnode = "video0"; // increments for each camera
            // Physical dimensions of sensor
            physical_w = "3.680";
            physical_h = "2.760";
            mclk = "extperiph1";
            use_sensor_mode_id = "true";
            reset-gpios = <&tegra_main_gpio CAM0_PWDN GPIO_ACTIVE_HIGH>;

            mode0 {
                mclk_khz = "24000";
                mclk_multiplier = "10";
                num_lanes = "4";
                phy_mode = "CPHY";
                tegra_sinterface = "serial_a";
                discontinuous_clk = "no";
                cil_settletime = "0";

I would like to configure it at 3500Msps, but could not achieved even with the target of 1800Msps. It seems like changing mclk_multiplier doesn`t help me to increase MIPI Speed.

My Question is: How I can modify the MIPI CPHY speeds to higher values?

This what I got when I set my sensors MIPI speed to 1800Msps per lane.

My end goal is to increase the resolution to 12MP, and number of cameras through SerDes.
I am using 35.3.1 Jetson.

Thanks in advance.

There’s no any device setting able to configure the CPHY speed.
Only the pix_clk_hz/serdes_pix_clk_hz relative to the timing calculation.

mipi_clock = pix_clk_hz * 7 / 16


Thank you for the reply.

How can I find the max limits for this parameters?
Can you point an example DT regarding a valid CPHY setting with high mipi clock?

Best Regards.

You have to try to figure it out.