How to connect two gigE camera to Jetson orin nano


I’m looking to how to connect two gigE camera to jetson orin nano.
Since the Jetson Orin Nano only has one 1Gbps port,
connecting multiple GigE cameras through a hub will not allow them to perform at their maximum capacity.
To connect two GigE cameras without sacrificing performance,
I’m considering using a USB to Ethernet adapter or expanding with a PCIe board to add more Ethernet ports.
Could you recommend any specific USB to Ethernet adapters or PCIe expansion boards?
Also, even after expanding the Ethernet ports, will the Jetson Orin Nano be able to handle the maximum performance of two cameras?

Thanks for the help!

We don’t have much experience in this type of camera, would see if other users can share experience. And generally we would suggest use YUV or Bayer camera sensors, USB cameras, or IP cameras.

Look here:

This is a 2.5G Ethernet card that should fit into the M.2 Key E slot of the Orin Nano Devkit. These are availa´ble from multiple vendors and either with RTL8125B or Intel 225/226 Chip. These cards are quite cheap, so it’s worth trying. There are also USB 3 to 2.5G adapters.

2.5G Ethernet switches have also become quite cheap. They give you more than double the bandwith, so you can connect two cameras without saturating the port. And you have the built-in port still for management.

Thank you for your reply and for providing the information.
I would like to try the Ethernet card you mentioned.

when selecting Ethernet cards and USB 3 to 2.5G adapters,
is there anything else I should consider besides transfer speed?

RTL8125B is supported since Linux 5.4. It causes a bit higher CPU load than the Intel chips but works just fine.
Intel i225: Revisions earlier than 3 are known to have bugs. Should work fine in Linux 5.x
Intel i226: newer version of the i225. Support started in kernel 5.10.

USB adapters: If they claim support for Apple iOS and MacOS, then they should work with Linux as well.

2.5G switches (you need one in order to actually use 2.5G speed): Look here for advice:

You might want POE if your cameras support it.

Thanks a lot for your help!!!
I’m going to try selecting the parts based on what you taught me!!!

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