Proper configuration to use Multiple GigE cameras with full bandwidth

Hello, I wish to connect two GigE cameras to the Jetson Nano, but having full Gigabit bandwidth for each camera in order to reach maximum resolution and framerate.

Bandwidth is assigned for each camera with DeviceLinkTroughputLimit parameter.

If I connect the cameras through a switch to the on-board Gigabit adaptor, I have to configure DeviceLinkTroughputLimit = 0.5 Gbps (half the bandwidth for each camera) to share the Gigabit bandwidth, obviously.

If I connect one camera to the on-board Gigabit adaptor and one camera to a USB3-Ethernet adaptor, data packets are lost unless I limit DeviceLinkTroughputLimit to 0.5 Gbps.

So, my question is: can you recommend me a setup to have full Gigabit bandwith (1 Gbps) for each camera?

I found this assertion in a Jetson TK1 forum post (

“The Jetson TK1 Wiki ( lists many different miniPCIE cards you could put into the Jetson TK1 for extra ports, such as a Dual-Gigabit Ethernet card (therefore potentially giving you 3 Gigabits of Ethernet bandwidth when combined with the existing Ethernet!)”

Do you know if this applies to Jetson Nano?

Could I connect a Dual-Gigabit Ethernet card ( and have Gigabit bandwidth for each camera in the mini PCIe card and leave the on-board adaptor for Internet connection?

The Ethernet card should be connected to the M.2 Key E Slot using this adaptor, right?

We have seen bandwidth issue while connecting mutiple USB2 cameras to Jetson Nano developer kit. Would suggest you use USB3 cameras to achieve 5000Mbps. The following is a related post:

Hello, thanks for the answer.

I am using GigE cameras, not USB cameras. To have a second Gigabit port I use a USB to Ethernet adaptor, but in fact it is USB3