Multi camera bandwidth

I use 4 cameras on jetson nano.

but only 2 cameras can play.

I think because of bandwidth

There is solution for 4 cameras?

What’s your sensor configure like resolution and frame rate.
Did you verify each one by one to make sure all of them are working individually.

Hi, ShaneCCC

resolution is 640x480 and frame rate is 30

Yes, I have worked one by one. It is OK. 4 cameras have not problem when working individually.

I want to play 4 cameras together.

Is it possible?

Have a try to boost system by below command

sudo nvpmodel -m 0
sudo jetson_clocks

I already try these commands.

I try to decrease resolution to 320x240. but It is impossible.

What’s APP to run 4 cameras?
Have you run the multi session of argus_camera?
And any error message?
Below can enable the argus log.

sudo su
kill the process of argus_daemon/nvargus-daemon or nvcamera-daemon

launch camera from another console

I use OpenCV and fswebcam.
OpenCV’s error message is “No space left on device”.

fswebcam’s error message is “Error starting stream. VIDIOC_STREAMON: No space left on device. Unable to use. mmap. Using read instead. Unable to use read.”

I tred to kill the process of argus_daemon/nvargus-daemon or nvcamera-daemon

but same error message.

Those are USB cam?

yes, 4 USB cameras

Sorry, to tell Jetson device only support 2 USB camera

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Thanks, ShaneCCC!

I’ll look for other way.

If i use CSI cameras, Is it possible?

Yes, csi can support to 4 cameras but need new version Nano.


Your comment is helpful to me.

Thank you again!

For launching USB cameras on Jetson Nano, suggest use USB3 cameras to get 5Gbps bandwidth.
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