How to define the kafka message with my own classes-info format

environment: docker container with samples rev for deepstream5.1

I want to run the deepstream under python code to send my own kafka message with my own model. I have successfully sending the kafka message with my own model but I don’t know how to revise the message format by myself. Hope somebody help to show me the detail, thanks in advance!

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What format do you want to revise? Could you refer our demo code below?

Yes, I had checked this code, it seems the message have already defined in the c code? I want to define the message by my own model with my class_names.

You can refer the user guide and the demo code below to learn how to use our msgconv plugin.

Thanks, I will check it.
Or, is it possible to replace the block of msg-converter and broker by pykafka?
I had tried to comment out the queue for msgconv and add the pykafka code in tiler_src_pad_buffer_probe function, and I find it works. But I’m not clear whether it may affect the program process?

We didn’t suggest you replace it. The two plugins are at the C layer actually. The framework will use the C plugins by default. If you want to replace it, you may need to change lots of codes.

I had replace the code, and found the message can be sent successfully.
As your suggestion, I want to redefine the message, but I’m not clear how to define the message in C layer… for the original is only suitable for the classes of CAR, PERSON and so on. But I want to change it to my own class names.

You don’g have to define your message in the code, just in the config file.You can refer the link below:
You can also refer our demo code below:

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Many thanks for your kind help, I will check the detail.

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