How to develop on Xavier only

Hi, I installed JetPack 4.1.1 and push files from amd64 laptop to Xavier. All is good, but I don’t see neither CUDA 10 nor nvcc compiler installed on Xavier ARM system. Only on linux-amd64 laptop. Is there way to install and run Nvidia CUDA and compilers for ARM on Xavier and do all development on Jetson system?

If you chose to do a full install, JetPack should have installed CUDA Toolkit to the Xavier device, where you can compile onboard the device. If it didn’t work, you can re-run JetPack, and only choose the target CUDA components under the JetPack Component Manager.

There are two sections under the JetPack Component Manager - the host-side packages, and the target device packages. Scroll down to see the target device packages towards the bottom. That CUDA toolkit is what you want to select to install.

Thanks, that worked. Looks like you can’t install CUDA in full first install, you need to do it in two step. First step to install JetPack and second step to install CUDA on Xavier. Actually, I think you don’t even need to do step 1 if you have working Xavier.