cuda 10 installation on Nvidia Xavier Board

Can I know to install cuda 10 on Xavier board?

It’s not installed under Jetpack 4.1.1 somehow

Hi pharatekomal, CUDA 10 is installed to Jetson Xavier by JetPack. If the installation didn’t succeed, please try running JetPack again. In the JetPack Component Manager, you can de-select the flashing step and only choose the step to install CUDA to the target device. It will then only run that step without re-flashing your device.

Before running JetPack, make sure that your host PC and Jetson are on the same network. Boot up your Jetson and make sure you can ping your Jetson from your host PC and vice versa. Your Jetson should be booted to the desktop for JetPack to perform the post-flashing package installation steps like CUDA, cuDNN, TensorRT, OpenCV, ect.

Don’t forget that you can uncheck flash and run JetPack at any time to try again…and be sure to watch the console in case it needs to know the IP address. You would not use recovery mode, nor the USB cable…just the ethernet cable.

I have .deb file downloaded of cuda 10. Will it be okay if I followed these steps -

Are you using the DEB package that JetPack downloaded (stored under jetpack_downloads/ folder on your host PC)?

The correct CUDA packages for Jetson aren’t available online, other than through JetPack.

Yes I’m using those only.
I needed to do it fast so did the installation mentioned in comment #2.
Worked well for cuda and cudnn.
Thank you