How to disable forced panning of X11 if screen is larger than output?

Hi, I’m trying to configure my Linux system in a way that I have a virtual screen that is larger than my actual output using X11 and RandR, while the CRTC of my output shall be configured with panning disabled. According to the RandR protocol, this can be done by setting the panning to 0x0 via the tool xrandr or programmatically by calling XRRSetPanning.
So far so good, while this works fine with other graphic drivers, I’m struggling with the one from nvidia to achieve this behavior.

I’m currently observing the forced panning with the driver versions 510.47.03 and 470.103.01. I’m running an ubuntu 18.04.

As I can see, that this feature can be beneficial, there are also use-cases where this is not wanted.

Can you please point me in the direction where I can have a look or (better) provide the settings to disable the forced panning if the viewport does not fit the screen size?

Any help is deeply appreciated…