How to disable ufshci and others?

New to DTS, attempting to slim down the DTS for a custom carrier board. Pins like ufshci are unconnected and marked as disabled in the pinmux. When booting ufs_tegra 2450000.ufshci still attempts but it shows a dme-link-startup error on the devkit, and an SMMU error on the custom board, since it’s still trying to load.

Commented out all references to ufshci in the galen platform files, and the ufshci domain in the tegra194-soc-base.dtsi but all still showing the issue. How can I manage to have the device tree ignore specific things completely?

Please check /proc/device-tree on your device.

This node will tell you the actual status of ufshci node.

Thanks for the response, it took a little time to get a handle on it but I sorted it out