Disable Prepherals to save power in Jetson TX2

I have a customized carrier board that I do not need usb ports, wifi, HDMI, and camera. I followed some guidance to disable hdmi with disabling hdmi-display status (with no change) and disabling nvdisplay (I still have a static nvidia image on my screen which shows the hdmi port is using power). About usb port, I have some similar problems, I tried to disable all of port except usb0, unfortunately just usb0 was disabled. I want to find a document to help me how to disable every part in device tree. It is worthy to note that power saving is very crucial in my project.

You should learn the boot flow. The whole process is not only kernel.

For example, the boot logo is from cboot, but not kernel. If you only disable the device tree in kernel, then it is normal that you still see the logo.

I read the document and CBoot procedure. It means this part is not ready in Linux_for_Tegra via SDKM?!

I am not sure why you got this conclusion… it means this part is not in kernel…

You only change kernel dtb so you still see HDMI logo during boot…

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