jetson TX2 HDMI EMI problem

I use my own carrier board. The carrier board have HDMI interface.Now I don’t need HDMI output, but there is something wrong with HDMI EMI. I want to shut down HDMI output from what should i do?
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Please disable the nvdisplay@152xxxxx in device tree.

hello WayneWWW:
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hello WayneWWW:
I disable the device tree nvdisplay@15200000,nvdisplay@15210000,nvdisplay@15220000.But HDMI still outputs logo NVIDIA.and EMI problems still exist on the carrier board. Can I turn off HDMI output completely? Or what hardware ways to eliminate EMI?
Note:The carrier board is the official board of NVIDIA.
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Sorry that I forgot the logo. The logo is enabled in cboot but not kernel.

To disable the logo, you could just remove the display driver from cboot makefile.

The path is /bootloader/partner/common/drivers/display