Disable boot logo in XavierNX jetpack 5.1.2

To disable the boot logo, I used the contents of several topics on this site to disable the boot logo. including putting bootloader-status = disabled in the tegra194-soc-base.dtsi file in head0, but again after compiling and full flashing, the bootlogo is displayed.
Can anyone really guide me?
Please, someone who has real knowledge, answer me…

Please follow up this post. This is doing the same thing as what you are doing.

Are you kidding me?
First of all, there is no solution yet. Secondly, as I said, I have followed all of forums related to this issue…
I said that someone who really has knowledge should answer.


I mean you can follow our discussion here. The user is dumping the log and I am waiting for it.

You can also dump the log and I can help you check.

If you don’t think I have the real knowledge, then just wait for someone else.

My purpose here is share a debug way so that you can follow and we can figure out why your device tree does not take effect.
It will be helpful if you want to debug any device tree things by yourself in future.

I don’t care who answers me. I just want my problem solved, this is really annoying me

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