How to distinguish which uart header port is J17? /dev/ttyTHS1 or 2 0r 3?

I need to use the uart port on the tx1 board and I have looked up to the tegra technical reference manal. The UART charter said the ports are named as UART-[ABCD] in the manual while they are UART [0123]in the carrier board layout. I am confused with the problem of the relationship between the two types of port names. Moreover, I used the “dmesg | grep ttyTHS*” and found three devices which are ttyTHS1, ttyTHS2 and ttyTHS3 with the address of “0x70006040”, “0x70006200” and “0x70006300”. In the technical reference manual, those three address are UART B, C and D respectively. However, I cannot find UART A to D in the carrier board layout and where the port is. Can anyone help me?

“/dev/ttyTHS2”. This is wired to the camera module, so you may wish to remove that module before using J17.

Think you. Is the information of /dev/ttyTHS2 corresponding to J17 be stated in any official document and what exactly is it?

I’m not sure where it is stated…I’ve just used the connector before and it is something I remember.

Ok, thank you, I will try it.