How to do MIPI-CSI Calibration

In the Orin-TRM_DP10508002_v1.2p Doc,the mipi-CSI SCIL block includes the fuction:Deskew calibration of the brick for D-phy and C-phy edge delay calibration for clock recovery,but how to do this,is there any doc for detail information?

hello frank75,

deskew calibration is done on the sensor, camera software stack will keep waiting for deskew complete signal from sensor side to enable pixel parser.

I Know the deskew must send FFFF to module to module,but in TX2,their are detail information to operat the registers how to do the deskew,but in Orin their is no such Doc to teach how to operate the registers

hello frank75,

may I know what’s the actual use-case?
for instance, is it a sensor with data-rate higher than 1.5Gbps?

Yes We need to use D-Phy 2.5Gbps and C-Phy 4.0Gsps

please see-also SerDes Pixel Clock section, only DPHY need to take care of deskew calibration.

we are not use serializer/deserializer chips ,use MIPI chip ,such as IM686

hello frank75,

okay, please configure Sensor Pixel Clock. It must be set correctly to avoid potential issues.
since the output data rate is > 1.5Gbps, camera stack waits for deskew signal. please also configure IMX686 to send deskew complete signal.

we’ve recently address some camera bugs for JP-5.1.2/l4t-r35.4.1
please see-also below threads to apply the bug fixes for verification.
for example,
Topic 268833, for camera firmware to update deskew algorithm, and also stability fixes,
Topic 268519, to fix memory corruption within libnvargus

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