How to do video capture with CUDA 10?

Please help me with finding a C++ library for capturing video with cuda 10. I can not use OpenCV because cuda 10.0 is not yet compatible with OpenCV (the video driver was removed from Cuda 10). What I would like to do is capture the video stream from a local camera or IP camera (without a specialized capture card) and then go through the video frames with the Nvidia Video_Codec_SDK_8.2.16.

Thank you very much!

I’m very interested into this kind of video capture as well.
I have CUDA 10, GTX 1070 and I would like to read a 4k video from a file at first and then on a stream the best way I can (lower latency possible).
I’m digging on a solution with FFMPEG to read the video (file or stream) and then retrieve the frames on GPU matrix on device using Nvidia Video_Codec_SDK but I don’t know if it the right way to do it.
OpenCV is not a solution in my problem.

recommend u this link : ,i down loaded this sdk,but i do not know how to make it work…i am trying to find something like developer’s manual…