How to download the offline linux run file local version of cuda 10.2 using Windows?

The way you have your download system setup, I have to use wget to download the linux offline installer for cuda. I can’t do that due to corporate firewall issues, hence your original concept of having a single offline file that we could download for offline usage.
We have an extremely aggressive firewall and extreme restrictions of what we can do.
We cannot use wget from windows. It’s not permitted through the firewall.
I have a windows box and a basically a browser. I cannot use wget. I cannot access linux on that network.
So how do I get access to the linux run file local download?
If I could use a linux box to do the download, I wouldn’t need the file in the first place.

Using the instructions that begin with wget, drop the wget, take the rest of the file starting with http, and paste it into a browser URL bar.

For example the instructions here:

The first line of the instructions are:


If you take everything starting with http, and paste it into a browser URL bar, the download of that file should commence.

Thank you so much!