I can not download the cuda or cudnn from official website download links!

such as this link : https://developer.download.nvidia.cn/compute/cuda/10.1/secure/Prod/local_installers/cuda_10.1.105_418.39_linux.run?LhB-XIzlcjZHKxhduXyXR4vwCJqeMXzqTNrKJVbZ2-N_-M-rAQ9PeHMUIftQ-AZ09exfqbJYSi2p5TJotyZMM_PblnD1Wlcpptt8JpjbY6-j73FfpiYzp8-rlzufYNX-MflmB6zBOQpX1SV2rSUJIFXIrDPOmsK-hTxCGuT49aGRNlm2Nl_v29sJliM

I also use VPN but it is useless, the official website’s download server has some problems??

Could you help me??

https://developer.nvidia.com/compute/cuda/10.1/Prod/local_installers/cuda_10.1.105_418.39_linux.run this link

This link doesn’t work. Actually it’s a DNS issue. If you are using Ubuntu, edit the /etc/resolv.conf file, and prepend a line like:

nameserver #Baidu DNS
nameserver # Google DNS

Not sure if NV can do something here to improve the user experience.