How to enable Native vmotion on ESXi 7.0.2

hi all,
I’m using pvrdma native endpoint on ESXi 7.0.2 with ConnectX-4 Lx Infiniband cards.
I used the ib_write_bw tool to test RoCEV2 and found that vMotion(migrate vm from one host to another) can cause data transfer to fail.
After searching for information I found a useful article(HowTo Configure RoCE PVRDMA Namespace in VMware vSphere 7.0 - NVIDIA Docs) and after that I obtained the following information

[root@localhost:~] vsish
/vmkModules/vrdma/pvrdmaDevices/> cat /vmkModules/vrdma/pvrdmaDevices/2118588_0/properties
PVRDMA Device Properties {
   VMM leader ID of VM:2118588
   adapter index:0
   MAC address:00:50:56:9d:9c:7e
   Physical HCA available:1
   Namespace allocated:1
   Hardware S/R available:0
   MR tracing available:0
   SRQ support enabled:1
   MR Key extension enabled:1
   Phys handles enabled:1
   Native endpoints supported:1
   Native vmotion supported:0
   DMA accelerator enabled:0
   DMA accelerator transfer threshold:32768
   Prefer RoCE v1 over v2:0
   RoCE version:2
   Active MTU:1024

I noticed that Native vmotion supported is set to 0 and I think this is the key point.
But how can I set Native vmotion supported to 1? Is there any option I should change on Firmware or BIOS?


I suggest you can contact VMware to get these details. In general, the pvrdma is a VMWare product that can run over any driver, not just Nvidia and not just HW RoCE.

Thank you

Thanks, I’ll contact VMware.