How to use VF on host

I would like to test the performance of SR-IOV, so I create multiple VFs on a CX-5 adapter. Then I assigned each VF an IP address and tested the connection with another machine, each VF worked well for Ethernet (tested with ping command). However, when I tested these VFs with rping or ibv_pingpong for RoCEv2, neither of them worked.

However, the VF that was passed through to a VM worked well on all tests (it can communicate with another server with both Ethernet and RoCEv2). I do not have any idea about how to debug this problem? Does anyone know the reason? Thank you.

For details, refer to


Suspect issue caused by RDMA device not init successfully or some permission setting of VF was wrong.
This link maybe can help you:

Thank you
Meng, Shi

Hi shim,

Thank you for your answer. Actually, this article is what I have followed. I will try it again and will let you know the result.