How to enable ray tracing shadows for RTX DI Emissive objects?

I was watching NVIDIA’s live broadcast about NVRTX and saw the ray traced shadows of RTX DI Emissive objects. It has almost no noise and is much better than Lumen’s Emissive effect.
Path Tracing

RTX DI Emissive objects ray tracing shadows

Other screenshots from the live broadcast

Hi @Bio_Weapon_Re,

I think the best person to answer this would be @rcowgill. I reached out to him, but it might take a bit since he is very busy with the upcoming GTC and GDC.


Oh yeah this was a preview of technology we are working on. Really glad you’re interested! We’ll have more to say about this at GDC/GTC next week, and after that we’ll figure out what we need to do to get this released. I’ll warn you it may take some time, as you saw it can produce some good results but there’s more work to be done.

But yes it will integrate into RTXDI and rely on that being enabled most likely, so getting used to RTXDI now will help prepare you for this!

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Very cool! I’m already trying the recently updated NVRTX5.3.2
And tested translucent shadows.I am very much looking forward to the subsequent updates of RTX DI. Will RTX DI be updated to support caustics in the future?

Thank you very much for your reply. Let me know the subsequent updates of RTX DI.

Looking forward to the subsequent upgrade of NVRTX caustics.This is the scene I am making.


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