How to find a secure physical memory space for process use

I’d like to use a physical memory sapce in my software during its running time without any other program can also use this memory sapce.This means I need a safe and sapce large enough memory and I konw its starting address.

Hi chay1991,

Please see if contiguous memory allocator of linux is what you’re looking for.

I mean this physical memory can be used directly.
For example:
unsigned int MEMBASE = 0xf5000000;
After above defination,I will give this address directly to FPGA configure register.
So,do you mean CAM can offer me this?

Please see if below topics help.

I have browsed all the links you give me.But I didn’t get a helpful answer.
I’d like to know a physical memory starting address then I will give the address to FPGA.So this memory must big enough and during my program executing other program can not use this memory.