How to flash Shield TV Pro 2015 recovery image to a new SSD when the old HDD has died?

I have a Shield TV Pro (500 Gb version). I believe it is the 2015 model – 1 HDMI, 2 USBs, 1 ethernet, 1 micro-USB, 1 micco SD slot, and the power slot. The 500 Gb HDD inside it died. It started clicking and after looking at it (carefully) the arm is sticking to the internal drive and it is non-functional. I bought a 500 Gb SSD to replace it, but because the original drive is dead, I cannot boot into fastboot mode or any of the items listed in flashing the recovery image onto the 500 Gb drive. So … how do I get a bootable image onto the 500 Gb SSD so I can install that in the Shield TV Pro housing and get it started enough to be able to update on its own? I have Etcher or drive clone software and housing to connect my drive directly to my PC. I understand computers but the fastboot stuff is a little over my head, TBH. But I follow instructions pretty well if they are straightforward. Thank you ahead of time for any help.

Hi @evan42,

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