Nvidia Shield TV Pro (2015) Reset / Recovery Mode

How do you set the shield device to recovery mode?
According to doc you need to press the Recovery Button and Reset Button - but what (and where) are they
on the Nvidia Shield Tv Pro (2015) ?


Hi ido098,

I don’t have the answer for Shield TV, we don’t know how it’s set to recovery mode.

Okay. thank you!
Maybe then you probably know if I can get a full image to flash into my harddrive?
in the dev kit, the script flash.sh will prepare all the required images and flash the partitions into the harddrive or flash device.

is it possible for the flash.sh script to instead dump the complete image (with all the partitions) into a file
which I can then later use with ‘dd if= of=/dev/sdX’ ?


The Jetson flash software is designed for Jetsons which have specific carrier boards. Each carrier board has different boot requirements, and part of that is met via device tree. It is very unlikely that a Shield would use the same device tree and would probably not boot using flash.sh and any of the Jetsons as a target even if the SoC is the same. Keep in mind that embedded systems don’t have a BIOS to present a “uniform” or “standard” boot environment, so much of what is being flashed isn’t the bootloader plus root filesystem…much of that content is the equivalent of the BIOS itself. I suppose it is possible for your project to work, but it seems very unlikely it would work using the Jetson flash software.

Nvidia Shield 2015 is equivalent to Jetson TX1 p2180

I’ll update here once my project is done…


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