How to get decoder code in deepstream

in our project ,we try to use different video protocol to encode the video, so we have
to rewirte the decode plugin, where can I get the source code of the plugin. thanks.

Can you clarify your request clearer? What kind of decoder do you want? Why do you need to write the decoder plugin by yourself?

Do you plan to use these new decoders with deepstream?

because some special reason, the customer hope not to use h264 and h265, we will use custom video protocol. but we want to use deepstream.

nvv4l2deocder is Nvidia proprietary. The code is not open and we can not give you the code. nvv4l2deocder decode video with VIC hardware in GPU and will output HW buffer for nvinfer for inference. There is no memory copy between nvv4l2deocder and nvinfer because they are all based on HW buffers.

So it is impossible for you to develop a HW decoder for new protocol.

What you can do is to develop a software decoder and the plugin. There are lots of samples in gstreamer open source projects for all kinds of protocols. GStreamer is open source, you can consult gstreamer community and document for how to develop new decoder plugin.