How to import blendshape animation into blender?

Hello i’ve done my animation in audio2face, but now, I would like to import that animation into blender. But I didn’t find any tutorial that shows every step to import from a blender’s scene with my head without blendshape, the animation with blendshape that audio2face created,
Does any one here has a solution or a tutorial ?
Thank you

So, I have my character in blender without blendshape, I import this character into Audio2face, by following this tutorial

I have my animation AND blendshape into audio2face

But now, I would like to export the blendshape from audio2face to Blender (or maya if I have no choice) and after that, put the animation value on the blendshape to animate the lip sync

and finally, when I follow this tutorial,

Tutorial: Lipsync animations in Blender using Audio2face. Example on CC3 character - YouTube

and when I clic on Import as NLA I have this

So I have 1 blendshape for 1 frame

Hi @celeber12, we have no tutorial on Blender.
But it should be similar to the Maya one in terms of the workflow. Please check this out.

You will need to import all blendshape poses into Blender, make a blendshape model (shape keys in Blender) and set keys on them on every frames via blender python script.

The tutorial you posted uses the geometry cache output, not the blendshape solve result.
If you happen to find a good tutorial on this, please share with us. Thank you.