How to install libraries into Jetson AGX Xavier as Xavier NX?

I emulate Jetson Xavier NX on Jetson AGX Xavier.
But I don’t know how to install libraries ( OpenCV, CUDA, etc)
Do you have some tutorials ?

Moving to Jetson AGX Xavier forum so that Jetson team can take a look.

This would depend on which release you are using. If you are using R32.3.1 or newer, then you can probably just use “sudo apt-get”. In releases prior to this you would use JetPack/SDK Manager after deselecting flash or host PC content. The release used to originally flash changes which JetPack/SDKM to use. To know your current L4T release use “head -n 1 /etc/nv_tegra_release”.

To match a JetPack/SDKM release to an L4T release see the table at (you might need to log in there, and then go there again if redirect does not work):

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Thank you for your reply, linuxdev.
I’m using R32.2.1.So, I try to download and install some deb files.


You might see what shows up with “apt search cuda” or “apt search opencv” as an example. You can page long results, e.g., “apt search cuda | less”.

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