How to install OpenPose on Jetson Xavier NX with Jetpack 4.4


Is there any guide to install Openpose on Jetson Xavier NX with Jetpack 4.4 ?

Jetpack 4.4 include Cuda 10.2 & cudnn 8.0

Please help.


Here is a tutorial from the community:

Would you mind to give it a try?

Thanks for help, I will try it !

Hello @AastaLLL

We have a system in production on Jetson Xavier NX with Jetpack 4.4 Production Release and as you pointed correctly to the community tutorial it assumes that we are running Jetpack 4.4 Developer Preview which is really problematic for us right now since we are in production already, tested, etc.

Based on our investigation the problem is in breaking backward compatibility in cuDNN that causes compilation failure in Caffe in OpenPose (exactly what is mentioned in the tutorial).

We tried to compile without using cuDNN (USE_CUDNN=OFF), compilation is successful but FPS is close to 0 on NX, therefore it’s not useful.

We are trying to compile OpenPose against NVCaffe but the OpenPose instructions are not clear and we cannot find proper instruction to run working version of Caffe or NVCaffe on NX with Jetpack 4.4 Production Release in order to compile OpenPose properly.

Can you assist us with that, please.


there should be TRT pose somewhere that might work faster

I make build script Jetpack 4.4 and OpenPose 1.6 CUDA OFF .

But Now OpenPose 1.7 support CUDA .