AGX Xavier Openpose at 3 FPS. What am I doing wrong?

Hi guys,
I have installed OpenPose following this tutorial: NVIDIA Jetson: Jetpack 4.5 - Install the latest version of OpenPose on Jetson Xavier NX

I am negatively surprised because I bought AGX Xavier expecting to have around 400 FPS (according to Nvidia Benchmarks: Jetson Benchmarks | NVIDIA Developer) but I’m just having 3 FPS !!!

What am I doing wrong ? how can I increase the FPS in OpenPose ?

Thanks in advance.


1. Please make sure you have maximized the device performance like below:

$ sudo nvpmodel -m 0
$ sudo jetson_clocks

2. Please run the OpenPose with our TensorRT library.
Below are two example for your reference: