Openpose instruction on Xavier Devkit

Hi community member,

Could you please help in installing openpose on xavier board?
I could installed the caffe on devkit but I met some issue when installed the opepnpose.

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You can follow this installation guide first:

Steps should be similar although it is for TX2.

Hi AstaLLL

Thank you for your comments.
Did you confirm whether Xavier can work it with following this method?

I had some issue to install the openpose.

Best regards.

well, I installed both openpose and tf-openpose at xavier, I did not use the script mentioned above but used custom opencv and custom caffe installation paths that I passed to cmake as arguments. However, it turned out to work kind of too slow in my case.

Hi @Andrey1984,

I was also able to run OpenPose, can you please share your performance details? For OpenPose, it was giving me 3 FPS. Whereas for movilenet_v2_large, it is giving me 30+ FPS.


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