How to install TensorRT in a python environment?


I have created an environment. In there I have installed:
cython, protobuf, numpy, libprotobuf-dev, protobuf-compiler and onnx.

OUTSIDE of the environment I have:
TensorRT = 6.0.1
Cudnn = 7.63
Jetpack = 4.3 - b134
Cuda = 10.0

Will there be any problem if I install TensorRT 7.1 and cuda-11.0 + cuDNN-8.0 like it says in this GIT: TensorRT?

Thank you


CUDA 11.0 is not supported on Jetson yet.

It’s recommended to align the package version of env and host.
Since the dependency between library and driver may cause some issue if they are not aligned.

You can get the similar software from JetPack4.4: TensorRT 7.1.3, cuDNN 8.0.0 and CUDA 10.2.