How to integrate a new sensor?

Hi :
We are planning to integrate a new sensor(AR0820 8MP),in our case we need capture three Raw data streaming from 3*AR0820 sensors.
I find from the docs:

NVIDIA provides additional sensor support for Jetson Board Support Package (BSP) software releases. Developers must work with NVIDIA certified camera partners for any Bayer sensor and tuning support. The work involved includes:
• Sensor driver development

• Custom tools for sensor characterization

• Image quality tuning

These tools and operating mechanisms are NOT part of the public Jetson Embedded Platform (JEP) Board Support Package release.

But i also see information to say how to integrate new sensor.
Do we need to get support from a NVIDIA certified camera partner? Or we could develop the driver ourselves?

You can develop the driver yourselves. But if care about the image quality and need tuning that need partner support that.

Hi ShaneCCC:
Thanks for your quick reply.
Dose it support CSI 12bits,16bits,20bits RAW?

Current support 10 bits and 12 bits RAW.