Support new camera sensor


Currently only IMX219 sensor is officially supported out of the box for nano. it is a good sensor (2014 technology) but we would like to have newer ones. Nvidia embedded is the best platform as a camera system but the available cameras in the market are too much expensive. this is mainly because of the driver support and not the hardware itself.

What is Nvidia plan to support another newer sensors? There are many IOT/Embedded applications and many sensors mapped to these applications (CCTV, automotive, mobile …) and one cost effective sensor is not enough.

I would really like to see more official options out of the box that can support for example higher fps, HDR, resolution (4k)

NVIDIA enable few camera partner to support this scope. You can consult with them to get that match your request.

this is known. on the other hand, this is not point. it is about cost and to bring more camera options available for everyone.

the drivers from some 3rd party is around $2.5K + camera costs which is expensive for normal tinkering and IOT. other partners cost you more than $200-$700 per camera where the original sensor is much cheaper. this is because the drivers/SDK is developed by these 3rd partner.

look at IMX219, because it is officially supported, the price for it is less than $30 and you can see more than 10 camera brands available with all kind of lenses and options. this is what i want to say, if you support a sensor out of the box, we will see the camera cost dramatically low and available for everyone with many options.

you already did it for IMX219 so you already know this. Another 1 or 2 drivers every couple of years will not hurt your partner ecosystem.

You can also have design your own HW that could be more efficiency. We may have plan but that won’t be immediately.