Need Suggestion about CSI Camera & Optimization

Hi all.

I have got a Nvidia Jetson Nano. I ran many neural network models, different types of computer vision algorithms on it, but now I need an embedded board with better computational capacity. I am planning to get a Jetson AGX Xavier and embed it on a UAV ( quadrotor). I am going to run several neural networks on it.

I have multiple questions about performance of AGX Xavier model.

1-) In Jetson Nano I got better FPS (frame per second) with CSI camera instead of USB camera which is normal. I want to ask that which CSI camera you guys suggest to me? I do not want to use hobby cameras like Raspberry Pi camera. I need something more professional with CSI spec. How about this one?

2-) As I said before, I will run multiple NNs on it. I would need an external accelerator board. Do you guys have any suggestion? Or, you can suggest a different type of Jetson series instead of Xavier?

3-) I can get more FPS by optimizing my scripts, algorithms.But, how can I get more FPS by tuning hardware (for computer vision, deep learning purpose)?



What resolution are you looking for? FRAMOS is an NVIDIA camera partner offering high performance sensors in modules compatible with NVIDIA Jetson TX2, AGX Xavier, NX and Nano.

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