How to Interface a IP Camera?

I bought a AXIS IP Camera. I need to know is it possible to interface it with CUDA and opencv on my JETSON board and do realtime image acquisition and processing?

Thanks in Advance…!!

In my case, I have bought two IP camera modules, the SIP-1080J 2 mpx. I directly connect them to Jetson through a miniPCIexpress dual port card. The camera sellers provide a software just for Windows and I think it just work if the cameras are connected through a router. In my case there is no router in between.

Doing “ifconfig” I can see in eth1 and eth2 how they are receiving and transmitting packages, one per second more or less. Also the leds of both ethernet ports blinks.

I want also to capture the video through opencv or cuda to process the images. First, capturing the stream through a webbrowser or VLC I think would be a good step.

I will try with ‘nmap’ utility (I don’t know nothing about it yet) to try to find the IP address of the cameras. The port in my case I think is the 554 and the protocol ‘rtsp’.

If someones have any suggestion Baski and I will be very thankfully.

@baski I think that your question is more related to OpenCV than to Jetson TK1 in particular.
Anyway you can connect to your IP Camera using cv::VideoCapture interface providing the correct “connection URL” according to the documentation of your camera.

Something like this:
string cameraAddr = “rtsp://user:password@ip_addr:port/axis-media/media.amp”
cv::VideoCapture* capture = new cv::VideoCapture( cameraAddr );

you can retrieve the frame using
cv::Mat frame;
capture >> frame;


I’m trying to use a Sony Ipela camera model SNC-VB600B with the jetson TX2 module by wired ethernet connection. I configured my own IP address, but i don’t know how use it with the tegra multimedia api samples. Can you help me?
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