How to "link" to OneDrive

I have an old PGI compiler on laptop. It worked well. Recently my organisation “moved” files in C:\Users*\Documents\ on PCs/laptops, where my codes sit, to OneDrive, C:\Users*\OneDrive - *\Documents* and after that, I have trouble to compile. It shows a lot of LNK errors.

What settings in PGI compiler I should use to repair this?

Thanks very much in advance.

Hi Jingyu_Shi,

It will probably be easiest to reinstall and best to install on the system drive rather than on OneDrive.

You might be able to edit the “pgi*.bat” files and Window’s registry entries to fix the paths, but I typically don’t recommend users edit the registry and I’ve not tried installing on a cloud drive before so don’t know what other issues may occur.


Thanks very much, Mat. This morning I found the problem and fixed it. The compiler uses an intermediate directory for *.d and *.obj files. It may be due to the path for that directory containing many sub-directories, making the absolute path too long (after adding the OneDrive - ***** subdirectory name) and exceeding the compile’s limit.

Glad you found the issue. I thought you had installed the compilers themselves in the Documents directory, but it sounds like it was only your projects. Apologies for the incorrect advice about reinstalling.

The compiler is in local disk, which is not affected by the move to OneDrive, and my project source codes are in Document. I have a lot cases nested in many subdirectories, making the path very long.