How to make my Jetson device(Orin NX p3767) boot up in 3 seconds

Hi! I’ve read about how to optimize boot up time of Jetson devices in Boot Time Optimization — Jetson Linux Developer Guide documentation. And it shows:

For an NVIDIA® Jetson™ systems running Jetson Linux in the default configuration, it takes on an average 12 seconds from cold power-on to the log-in prompt. When the following optimization techniques are applied, boot time can be reduced to approximately three seconds.

The fastest boot up time is about 3 seconds. But I can not find any demo configs in official projects. Could you provide a simplest and 3 seconds booting up kernel defconfig and dts for demo?

Thank you!

Hi HomalozoaXX,

Are you using the devkit or custom board for Orin NX?
What’s your Jetpack version in use?

I think the 3 seconds here is specific to the boot up time for kernel.

All instructions in that link is for kernel, which is highly depending on the custom usage.
Please just refer to the instruction and also disable the unused driver in kernel config.

Hi Kevin,

My board is designed based on P3509, so the DTB is compatible to P3509’s. I just wonder how to make my device boot so fast like the description above: 12 seconds from cold power-on to log-in. No matter how hard I tried, the boot up time is still over 20 seconds. Could you give me some detailed helps or official demo configs?

Sorry that there’s no “official demo config” could be provided.
The suggested methods to optimize the boot time have been mentioned in the link you refer to.

Could you share the full serial console log with timestamp enabled for further check?

Then how did you get 12 seconds and 3 seconds? Do you have any data to prove that?

I’ve analyzed the whole boot up log. MB1 and MB2 consume about 3.5 seconds. Optee and UEFI consume around 9~10 seconds. Then kernel & userspace systemd services will got 10~12 seconds for boot up.

The article NVIDIA provided is all about Kernel configurations. Does those changes also influence the boot time of UEFI? BTW, I’ve already removed the 5 seconds wait time during start UEFI, and also I’ve disabled the UEFI shell and boot up logo.

This is the 12 seconds what the documents mean.

These changes would only affect the boot time of kernel. They would not affect any functions or boot time in bootloader.

What’s your Jetpack version in use?

I don’t think so. The original expression is from cold power-on to log in, the 12 seconds is not only refer to kernel & userspace. Please check it carefully.

it takes on an average 12 seconds from cold power-on to the log-in prompt

My linux-tegra version is R35.4.1. The latest one.


The document is wrong. The content is deprecated content. No such 3 seconds or 12 seconds thing ever guaranteed for Orin series yet.

We will remove/modify this part.

Well. It’s not a good answer. Anyway, thanks your reply.

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