how to multi TK1 board with mini PCIe?!

hi, all

i want to multi TK1 board (3 TK1) with mini PCIe for high calculation performance. <<= like this.
is it possible?!?!

if, this method is not problem,
how to coding?!
define host & slave?!
each board is automatically connection & realization?!

plz, comment & link to solved.

I have searched often on how to do this with the Jetson, unfortunately it’s difficult to do without your own PCB…

First, use mini-PCIe flex cable ( to attach each Jetson’s mini-PCIe port to desktop adapters ( The flex cable you’ll have jury-rig because you need male mini-PCIe on both ends. If you get extra flex cables from the first link, you may be able to plug the male board into a 2nd male board.

Then, plug in the desktop adapters into a PCIe expansion backplane

The expansion backplane needs to include a PCIe switch with support for nontransparent bridging. This feature is required to connect the multiple root complexes together. Also it is advised to find PCIe switch with DMA engine for efficient transfer offload.

For example, a switch from this table ( that has both 2 NT port and DMA engines. You’ll need to fiddle with the switch’s EEPROM to assign 2 of the Jetson’s to NT ports and the third Jetson as the upstream port.

thanks for input, dustin_franklin.

i will make mini-PCIe expansion board & male type connector PCB.

you say, i seems to need PCIe switch on expansion board.

add. TK1 spported to PCIe Gen1 and 2.

Dustin would you be able to build a few of these? I have been building an OpenMPI cluster (three nodes now, probably adding one or three more)

Wondering if anyone else on the forum may have a need for such a thing?

yes, but depends on the price

I’m curious to try it, although I have doubts that my hacked-together method with the Jetsons would work (and even if it did, it probably would only link at gen1). Instead we’ve been collaborating on a project to create a custom PCB to verify the architecture. One of the positives is you get access to all x4 gen2 lanes instead of the Jetson’s x1. So up to 2000 MB/s between TK1’s.

are there PCIe Gen2 drivers now? :-P